Elite:Dangerous – Fargoner

I created my secondary account, Fargoner, on January 2nd, 2018. This was a return to the old but trusty Sidewinder, now pre-equipped — on account of being Horizons — with an SRV for planetary excursions.

The starting point was Baker’s Prospect, a ground station on Asellus 2 in the Asellus Primus system, under Edmund Mahon rule, just 39 lightyears from Gateway.

The first mission went to Dahan 3 Metalworks, a simple “go there and talk to this person to make 10,000 credits” to help get started. There was little else of interest there, so I went back to Baker’s in search for something profitable. My aim was to earn my way up to buy an Asp Explorer, and go exploring in it.

10-JAN-18 / 10-JAN-04 : Promotion to Peddler
12-JAN-18: Promotion to Mostly Aimless
12-JAN-18: ONE MILLION CREDITS MARK – Credit Balance 1,078,379 CR

12-JAN-18: So far visited – Asellus Primus (origin), Aulin, Opala, I Bootis, Styx, Eranin, Morgor, Dahan, LP 98-132, GD 319, Ori

20-JAN-18: TWO MILLION CREDITS MARK – Credit Balance 2,039,726 CR
First visit to LHS 3006
Promotion to Scout
Invitation from Felicity Farseer