16,000 Lights Out Of Plane

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Having watched Ghost Giraffe’s video from their trip to a system 16,000 lightyears outside of the Galactic Plane, I wondered what was actually out there. I caught the name of the system from the video, and went to look it up.

Ghost Giraffe’s video, which originally aired in December, 2016.

At first glance it looks rather empty. Did they remove it? But wait a minute, when I looked it up, the map display actually went somewhere!

Empty space. Nothing to see?

I tried zooming in, zooming out, picking angles at random, as well as restarting the game and rebooting my computer. Then I tried going elsewhere and then looking it up again, and what do you know, for just a moment something flashed up, yet disappeared almost immediately. If I had blinked, I would have missed it.

I can see you!

After many attempts at pressing PrintScreen at precisely the right moment, I got this! Just a tiny, little hint of information. Not much, but definitely an indication, a confirmation, that something was indeed there. Intriguing!

Please tell me more about yourself.

A few screenshots later, and I got a bit more. There was definitely more to this empty place in the dark than was immediately apparent.

(You may notice that this shows a different distance. I gathered these screenshots from several locations, and selected the best of them to put here.)

And then …

My God! It’s full of stars!

This was what I had seen flash by faster than the speed of what the heck was that. A whole group of stars, just one short of a dozen. They weren’t visible other than for that barely perceptible fraction of a second. You can trawl the surrounding space for any distance, in any direction, and you will see no more stars.

Closeup, with names more readable.

So what is this? A small, local cluster, with no connection to the rest of the galaxy? Or are they just a precious few of a myriad, or a thousand myriads of secret stars, rendered invisible, forming a path of hyperspace jumps back to the plane, and to civilisation? Are there more clusters like this one? Questions abound, but answers do not. Well, admittedly I haven’t looked very hard yet.

But it smells of adventure.

Fly safe!

CMDR inshadowz