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Remove playlist info from YouTube URL

Removes the playlist information from a YouTube URL. When you watch something from a playlist, or just the Watch Later list, you may not want to automatically skip forward to the next video. This bookmarklet will strip the playlist info from the URL and reload the page.

javascript:(function(){location.href = location.href.substring(0,location.href.indexOf("&list"));})();

Drag and drop to bookmark toolbar: yt&list

Remove GCLID from Google links

javascript:(function(){location.href = location.href.substring(0,location.href.indexOf("?gclid="));})();

Drag and drop to bookmark toolbar: gclid

Open Instagram Photo in New Tab

Note that this only works on the first photo in a series.


Drag and drop to bookmark toolbar: IGZoom

Javascript bookmarklet to remove a portion of url

What are bookmarklets?

Using JavaScript to modify URLs and hide fbclid

Use FFMPEG to trim a video file without re-encoding

# Trim from 00:02:54.583 to end of file
ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -ss 00:02:54.583 -acodec copy output.mp3
# Trim from 00:02:54.583 for 5 minutes
ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -ss 00:02:54.583 -t 300 -acodec copy output.mp3